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What We're All About

Growing up I loved to watch my mom, grandma, and my great aunt make all these amazing desserts. At a young age, I thought they were so talented at what they did. Watching their technique of kneading bread, to multi-tasking in the kitchen, to adding the final touches to their amazing desserts. All the stuff they did in the kitchen inspired me and they didn't know it then but they were planting that seed. That seed started to grow when I was out of high school. I started baking little things here and there. From there I kept growing. My mom, grandma, and great aunt were always there to answer my questions and helped me grow into the baker I am today. I started The Norse Bakehouse early in 2021 with the help of my amazing wife. I'm looking forward to growing even more and continuing to make amazing treats and baked goods. 

I put my heart and soul into what I make. It is truly a passion of mine. I love seeing people's reactions to these delicate and rich desserts. Memories come flooding back from their childhood about their grandparents and it brings me pure joy to hear those memories. I'm looking forward to hearing more of those memories. 

- Stephen Swanstrom

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